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A hinono Exclusive! Stationery Suitcase Travel Kit - YELLOW

A hinono Exclusive! Stationery Suitcase Travel Kit - YELLOW

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Whether you're journaling your travels, capturing the beauty of nature, sketching portraits of new friends, or simply jotting down your musings, this travel kit transforms every moment into an artful adventure. The joy of self-expression knows no bounds with the Stationery Suitcase Travel Kit by your side.

Personalize in your own way! We help get you started with 1 FREE hinono Blind Bag (includes double-sided stickers for easy application)! 

Each hinono Stationery Suitcase Travel Kit includes:

1 Suitcase with adjustable handle and rolling wheels 

1 Mini Journal with 100 sheets of paper, 50 sheets grid/50 sheets blank, 3 small pockets,  8 glue dots 

1 Mini Sticker Book with 50 sheets 

1 Mini Glue Dot Tape Roller

1 Micron Pen PN

1 Keychain set (varies)

1 Clear Pouch

1 FREE hinono Blind Bag 

3 FREE Random Sticker Sheets



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