Welcome to Hinono Gifts & Shop! We warmly share this enchanting journey with you.

As someone who always personalizes everything (and I mean everything) from notebooks, car dashboards, hydroflask bottles/stanley cups, you name it, we started hinono to be our customers first choice when they are seeking ways to give things a personal touch. We offer a nice selection of do-it-yourself products, as well as many items that are gift-ready. 

What sets us apart from other stationery gift shops is the focus on offering many unique, one-of-a-kind creations and products that celebrates our individuality with quality materials and designs at attainable prices. We love highlighting that moment when you receive something and you know no one else in the world has the same one - a forever memory in the making!

If you are lucky enough to live in Minnesota, you will be able to find us at upcoming craft fairs during the holidays in the Twin Cities area. Events will be posted soon! 

Our assortment is always growing! We list new items weekly and are preparing for the holiday season. Stay ahead with new products by visiting our shop regularly!

We are so happy you are here, thank you so very much for visiting!